Anna Pearce

Head of Marketing

“I combine my passion for design and creativity with my slightly nerdy interest in analytics and planning to produce marketing campaigns that deliver for us and our clients”

Anna is BIC’s Marketing Manager. With her strong design skills and knowledge of Branding and Digital Marketing, Anna is ideally placed to support BIC’s own marketing and marketing projects for clients. Anna supports the delivery of marketing objectives, through developing key social media sites, newsletters, email campaigns, websites, monitoring and reporting on analytics and by producing both online and offline marketing materials. She understands the potential of both traditional marketing and e-marketing and is able to plan and structure branding and marketing strategies.

Anna is a capable account manager having managed a number of marketing projects during her time at BIC. She utilises tried and trusted tools and regular communication with the client to ensure that projects are delivered to a high quality, on time, and within budget.

What do you like about working at BIC?           

Well, having worked here for a decade :O, I would say quite a lot! A bit cliched, but the work is so varied two days are rarely the same. There is always an opportunity to learn something new. Its somewhere where your ideas are heard and can make an impact.      

What is your go to tool to get your job done?   

Does a trusty notebook and pen count? Other than that, I would say Adobe Illustrator or Canva. And more recently I am enjoying Asana as a tool to manage workflow.        

Is there a campaign that has always stuck in your mind?          

A little bit before my time, but one that has stuck in my mind since coming across it in one of the many books on my shelves, is the Avis – ‘We try harder’ campaign. Such a great, yet simple combination of strategic messaging and creative copywriting to turn being number two in the market into a demonstration of having the superior service…’the line at our counter is shorter’ – Love it! Also, I thought the original T-Mobile Flash Mob Dance was a great concept, and I am a bit of a sucker for falling into the rabbit hole of the brand banter on twitter – #WheetabixandHeinz had me in absolute stiches.

What is your favourite quote? 

“Never let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game” – I know it from one of Hilary Duff’s chick flicks, but someone more profound might have said it first! 

What are your key skills?         

Marketing Strategy, Branding, Design, Planning                         

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