What we do

We work in partnership with the public sector, developing and implementing programmes designed to transform economic growth

We are trusted partners in funded programme delivery

Our support in numbers

Our delivery of funded programmes has resulted in a number of tangible outcomes for our clients. The numbers below capture just some of the key performance indicators as a result of our interventions since 2019. Our clients also see benefits in areas such as increased confidence, new skills and overcoming barriers to innovation and growth.


Businesses Supported

Businesses directly supported through programmes delivered by BIC Innovation.


Innovation and Growth Support

Packages of innovation and growth support delivered to clients.


Collaborations and Partnerships

New collaborations and partnerships supported.


Tailored Advisory Support

Businesses receiving in-depth advisory support on a range of topics.


Sales in International Markets

International orders or in negotiation in new international markets through trade visits.


Funding and Finance Raised

Support to raise funding and finance through loans, equity and grants.


Jobs Safeguarded

Jobs safeguarded through support delivered by BIC Innovation.


Jobs Created

New jobs created through support delivered by BIC Innovation.

Business Planning Session

Delivering tangible results which grow sustainable businesses.

As trusted partners in the delivery of Welsh Government, Innovate UK and EU projects, we bridge the gap between public sector bodies and SMEs. We ensure that policy and programme objectives translate into tangible results for growth orientated SMEs. We have strong relationships throughout the business community, academia and government and inject our creativity to transform engagement to deliver sustained impact. 

Experienced in generating impact.

For over 17 years, we have worked in collaboration with public sector agencies, such as governments, local councils, international bodies and universities to design and deliver innovation focused and business growth programmes. These programmes have delivered impact to businesses on topics ranging from workforce development to internationalisation.

Our team combines a powerful mix of deep industry experience and functional expertise; with proven capabilities in project management, compliance, financial management and performance monitoring. We understand that programmes must be managed according to specified compliance guidelines, which is why our robust ISO 9001 accredited quality system and processes are embedded in our delivery.

Programme Development
We design programmes
Experienced in scoping, structuring and strategising new business growth programmes aimed at delivering economic growth.
We believe in collaboration
We work with our network of partners, pooling resources and expertise to develop and implement collaborative programmes that add value to our clients and partners.
Management and Delivery
We deliver results
Trusted in transforming SME engagement, ensuring project and financial compliance, embedding processes and ensuring that the programme delivers tangible results.
Cluster Development
We develop clusters
Professional cluster facilitators and managers, with an in-depth understanding of how collaboration, cooperation and knowledge sharing is central to the cluster ethos
Funded Programmes

Trusted partners

We have many years experience of delivering Welsh Government, Innovate UK and EU funded programmes, clusters and projects. Find our current suite of programmes here.

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