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Scaling up can be like driving through a desert. To succeed you need fuel, equipment, people and direction, without which you may find yourself in the much dreaded ‘valley of death’. There are many essential ingredients in enabling sustainable growth in your business, and it is the most multidisciplinary initiative any company can undertake. Are you on track to reach your destination?

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Take your growth to the next level.

Organic growth focuses on producing more, and increasing sales whilst needing to expand to accommodate this growth, for example, purchasing new equipment, or employing more staff. Whilst most successful businesses experience growth over time, scaling up is much harder to achieve.

There are many differences between growth and growing at scale. In essence, scaling your business means you are able to handle substantial growth with only incremental added costs. A scale-up is a high growth business who is looking to take their growth to the next level. Generally, high growth is defined as a company that has achieved growth of 20% or more in either employment or turnover year on year for at least two years. Whatever your growth ambitions, our team can guide you on your journey.

Businesses we work with benefit from:


Attract Investment

A growing business often requires investment to support its growth ambitions. But for smaller businesses it can be a daunting prospect. We work with you to explore investment options and provide advice on how to attract that investment.


Financial Awareness

Accurate accounting information is the backbone of any business and helps drive growth by providing tools for better-informed decision-making. Our team help you to structure accounting procedures that allow for analysis, trend spotting, and planning.


Prioritise growth

Whilst you know your own business better than anyone else, do you have the time or the experience to look at your systems and understand what they are telling you? With integrated data we can help you make the best decisions to grow.

We work with businesses with ambition to grow or scale.

Scale up is the most multidisciplinary initiative any company can undertake. Our growth and scale up specialists have a wealth of hard earned knowledge, and have managed transformational scale up projects from “bench to board” level, for both large and small businesses, across multiple industries.

Our growth specialists can help your management team focus on the next steps needed for your growth. Whether that support comes through scale-up leadership, support to implement your growth plans or help to overcome barriers, our team can guide you on your growth journey.

We understand our clients’ critical business drivers and what data they need to make better decisions. With integrated data, we help our clients with rolling projections, improved information systems and processes, key performance indicators, and expansion & growth planning. We make sure our clients’ information systems are fit for scale.

1. Growth Plans
  • Scale-up leadership
  • Implement growth plans
  • Overcome barriers
  • Troubleshooting
2. Management Accounts
  • Design and implement systems
  • Utilising data and information
  • Develop KPIs
  • Rolling projections
3. Financial Awareness
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Improve financial awareness
  • Training
4. Attract Investment
  • Explore investment options
  • Identify finance and funding opportunities
  • Ensuring you are investment and pitch ready

Challenges we tackle


We are planning to increase production but need to invest in new machinery. How should we go about raising funds?

See: Breaking Barriers: Raising funds for increased production


As my company grows, I still need to know what’s going on. How could I develop a management information system that keeps me informed?

See: Breaking Barriers: A truism of business growth – the boss can’t do everything!


How should I be structuring my business? Should I be an incorporated or unincorporated business?

See: Breaking Barriers: Incorporated or Unincorporated – what you need to know

Our Growth and Scaling Up Experts

Our Business Growth team of experienced management specialists has provided a ‘transition point’ for numerous companies in a wide range of sectors helping them through to their next stage of development.

Programme Manager – Sustainable Scale Up Cluster
Lead Scale-up Director
Scaleup Director
Regional Cluster Manager
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