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Businesses which trade internationally are often more resilient and profitable. But developing an international business can be a daunting prospect. With global markets ever evolving, plus the added complexity from regulations, trading internationally is far from a quick and easy win. But as the saying goes, “The door will open only for those bold enough to knock”. You have a world of potential, let’s unlock it together?

Global growth brings a unique set of hurdles.

Politicians and economists agree that increased international trade is good for the economy, and SMEs which embrace cross-border trading are more likely to grow and be successful. However, exploiting those international trading opportunities can be challenging for many SMEs who are juggling priorities with constrained resources.

Gearing up for global growth brings a unique set of hurdles. Businesses new to international trade will need to be answering questions such as what is the added cost of selling in new markets? How will our products be perceived in new markets? Do we need to adapt our marketing messages? How do we manage the logistics? Whereas experienced exporters might be wondering, how do I manage international supply chains? How can I find new partners? or how can I do due diligence on new opportunities? Our team can help you find the answers you need.

Businesses we work with benefit from:


Secure new business

New markets bring new opportunities. Our team of export specialists work with businesses to develop new markets, secure new business and overcome barriers. We offer practical and hands-on support to develop your team’s skills.


Build knowledge and connections

Whether you are looking for new distributors, agents, collaborative R&D partners or want to develop your international supply chain. We work with you to identify partners, develop connections, qualifying prospects or to conduct due diligence.


Find the right markets

What sells well in one market might not sell in another. It is vital to understand which markets are most suited for you. Our team can help you understand the market and which routes to market are most suitable to ensure your market entry is a success.

We help you expand your horizons

We can help you identify and research target markets, develop your market entry strategies, identify routes to market (including channels and buyers), evaluate pricing strategies and source suppliers. Which helps you expand your horizons, grow and scale your business and succeed overseas.

Our export specialists have spent their commercial careers developing overseas markets across many categories. We know what it’s like to enter completely new markets and build brands internationally. We have the airmiles to prove it! We can help new, early and experienced exporters to develop their capabilities and potential by developing your export strategy and by offering practical, hands-on support

1. Access New Markets
  • Secure new export business
  • Develop export skills
  • Overcome barriers to export
2. Connect to Partners
  • Identify partners
  • Advice on due diligence
  • Collaboration
3. Market Entry
  • Identify routes to market
  • Understand the market
  • Market research
  • Strategy development

Our Internationalisation Experts

Our export specialists have spent their commercial careers developing overseas markets across many categories.

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Innovation & Growth Specialist
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