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We champion critical thinking to overcome roadblocks faced by innovating businesses.

In a world that is constantly evolving, innovation can be a game changer for your business. But it is not about having one spark of creative genius and Bob’s your uncle. It’s about harnessing a culture of innovation, so that lightbulb shines, time and time again – and translates into commercial reality, over and over again. So let us ask, have you embraced the power of innovation?

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes

We have all heard the saying ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, which is testament to the fact that R&D and Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes and is not reserved for those in white coats at NASA’s headquarters. But this seemingly simple development didn’t become linked to greatness by chance. Like all successful innovation, it took resilience, strategy, and determination.

However small or large your business, whatever shape and size it comes, innovation and R&D are exciting and different from normal business, and is always a  multi-discipline “team” sport. To succeed, it needs to be encouraged, it needs to be focused, and it needs to be structured. It’s a complex venture that cuts across all aspects of the business, and needs the right mindset, strategy and processes. This might all sound daunting, and you may need skills and expertise that you don’t have in the business – but this is where we can help.

Businesses we work with benefit from:


Reduced risk factor

A robust strategy provides clarity and process, and reduces the risk of R&D becoming an isolated and disconnected activity. We regularly work with businesses on an in depth, extended basis, to inform and establish an R&D strategy. 


Increased chances of success

Innovation management is a key element in structuring to innovate effectively. We enable you to seize opportunities that might exist for new products and processes, and ensure they are aligned to the market.


Accelerated market entry

Market readiness ensures a business is ready to launch their innovation into the marketplace. We help you to make the necessary contacts and connections to drive your ideas, by forming collaborative partnerships or strategic alliances.

We help you do things differently

We encourage businesses with growth potential to develop R&D led, market making, innovative products or services. Enabling businesses to seize opportunities that might exist for strategic change, through new products or processes.

Our R&D Roadmap is a tried and tested blueprint for implementing a culture of innovation in your business. It has supported many businesses in creating a robust R&D strategy, through to developing a tactical plan for its implementation. We help to identify resources and capabilities that may need to be improved to allow you to fulfil a sustainable short, medium and long term R&D strategy.

1. R&D Strategy
  • Idea generation and refinement
  • Collaborative R&D
  • Advice on access to tax relief
  • New product development
  • Access to finance
2. Innovation Management
  • Innovation capacity
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Innovation training
  • Protecting and exploiting IP
3. Market Readiness
  • Build market knowledge
  • Understanding the commercial potential
  • Market alignment
4. Commercialisation
  • Supply chain development
  • Sourcing expertise
  • Outsourcing
  • Product lifecycle management

Challenges we tackle


Our team has lots of great ideas, but I am struggling to pin-point the most advantageous concepts which align with our priorities?

See: How to prioritise innovation concepts


How do I add structure to our innovation processes?

See: How to ensure innovation is managed strategically


Our group problem-solving approach is often ineffective. How can we find a better way of generating new ideas?

See: Getting the most out of your brainstorming sessions

Our Innovation and R&D Experts

Our Innovation and R&D experts regularly work closely with companies to help them do things differently and to seize opportunities that might exist for strategic change through new products and processes.

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Future Foods Cluster Manager & Nutri-Wales Lead
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