Who We Work With

What unites us with our clients is a shared aspiration for growth, excellence and innovation.

Our experts have deep expertise across key sectors, offering you specialist and tailored solutions to help your business grow.

Food and Drink

Our team of food & drink experts have technical, operational, commercial and strategic skills and expertise which they have developed from years of working at senior levels in the food industry.

Our clients include companies from all food and drink categories and we work with them to help them achieve their growth ambitions.

Life Science

Our Life Science experts have worked within the healthcare and life sciences sector to senior board level. Roles have included sales and business development, R&D, operations, clinical and international responsibilities.

We offer expertise in life sciences including biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, in vitro diagnostics, orthopaedics, e-health and healthcare for medical device experience.

Circular Economy

We have a core team of advisors that have decades of experience delivering projects and services in the resource management field. Our capabilities support strategies to manage Net Zero agenda for all types of organisations, drive progress in circularity and techniques to accelerate the transition towards decarbonising the economy. We work to deliver low-carbon, low-waste solutions that really make a difference.

Other Sectors We Work In

We also have specific expertise and experience in the following fields.

Advanced Manufacturing

Supporting manufacturers with globally competitive new products and services, creating their own IP or licensing, and exploring new business models, supply chains and collaborative development with business and academia.

Science Park Support

We work with science parks and innovation centres to progress  concepts, business planning, scope specification to develop client focused offering. We then add value by becoming part of the ecosystem, integrating our services for the benefit of tenants and members.

Social Businesses

We understand the need for social enterprises to balance and achieve both their social and business objectives to ensure sustainability. We work with a wide variety of social enterprises looking to grow, whether that’s through increasing their turnover, diversifying into new products or services, attracting new customers or changing their structure.

Our services and programmes are not limited to these sectors, with much of our work being multi sector.

Whilst we have deep expertise in these sectors, most of the services and funded support we offer is transferable cross-sector, and good practice from these specific sectors of expertise can be translated to drive results in most sectors.