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Just like aerospace engineers build models of aircraft to see if they fly, and structural engineers build models of bridges to see if they stand, building a model of your business proves how it will work. An effective model will prevent you from making costly mistakes and help you plan for new and emerging opportunities… Is your business built with strong foundations?

Business Planning Session

Strategy and success go hand in hand

Modelling part of your business, a new customer segment, a new market, or a new product or service, allows you to adjust some basic assumptions about how the business is run, for example how it creates value and who it creates value for. Consequences of changing or developing a business model can be easily identified in terms of key resources required, or activities to be undertaken to deliver that value.

Business modelling describes how a business creates value, how it delivers value and how it captures value in order to deliver sustainable profitable growth. The business strategy sets out the direction the business should go, its mission and goals; then, plans for how the business will work toward those goals and missions. We help our clients inject creativity into their strategic thinking, and turn those ideas into value for the business.

Businesses we work with benefit from:


Increased resilience

Strategy is fundamental to successful businesses and cuts across all operational functions. We help you inject creativity into your strategic thinking, add value and build resilience.


Increased competitiveness

There’s no two ways about it – good data leads to informed and better decisions. Our team has a thorough understanding of using data to identify and exploit market opportunities.


Navigate challenges

Most businesses will at some point face challenges or a crisis point. We are experienced problem solvers with technical, operational, commercial and strategic skills; developed from working at senior levels.

We help you to overcome challenges with practical solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether you are a start-up looking to explore business models, or an established business looking to do things differently, we can help to identify and address critical issues, inject creativity into your strategy and build a more resilient future.

As we have all learnt from the year 2020, no amount of planning or forecasting can predict what the future will bring. However, one thing is for certain, businesses face challenging times ahead; but those who are agile, innovative and resilient are the ones who will not only survive but thrive and grow. We help you to build robust plans, which are built to last.

1. Business Strategy
  • Advice on building resilience
  • Development of strategic partnerships
  • Define your vision and mission
  • Adding value to increase competitiveness
2. Business Planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business model development
  • Concept development
  • Planning for new and emerging opportunities
3. Insights and Knowledge
  • Consumer insights
  • Technology reviews
  • Market reports
  • Access to knowledge
4. Problem Solving
  • Identify and address critical issues
  • Navigate a disruptive environment
  • Address short term issues
  • Risk management
Strategy Planning on Whiteboard

Challenges we tackle


We are developing our business strategy, what steps can we take to ensure that it is effective? 

See: Our tried and tested tools to prevent poor performance


I need to conduct market research for a new product idea; how do I get started? 

See: The art of assuming nothing! How to get started with market research and insights


We are going through times of change in the business, how can we evaluate the external forces that we are operating in?

See: PESTEL – The cinderella of strategic planning?

Our Planning and Strategy Experts

Our team of experts have technical, operational, commercial and strategic skills and expertise which they have developed from years of working at senior levels in the industry.

Managing Director
Executive Director
Innovation & Growth Specialist
Business Development Manager
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