Phil Jones

Phil Jones

Senior Innovation and Growth Specialist

“I help companies to recognise & understand their strategic challenges and assist them in the systematic process of successfully addressing the risks & opportunities associated with those challenges.”

Phil started his career in civil and structural engineering, design and construction in heavy industry and the mineral extraction industries, progressing through technical and management positions to become regional manager for Scott Wilson plc. His industrial experience was broadened by working in multi-disciplinary environments where he acquired skills in process engineering, particularly in the design of food waste by-product manufacturing and fine chemical manufacturing environments, such as Bio-Isolates, MSD, Parke Davis and Warner Wellcome companies.

He has led design teams in the delivery of new projects, improvement programmes, new product / new service delivery and facilities management. Phil is an experienced project and change manager in the food and pharmaceutical industries, with experience of clean manufacturing and GMP.

What could you give a 30-minute presentation about with no advance preparation?         

Knowledge transfer – the opportunities arising from realising innovative use of established technology in new & novel ways       

What is the best advice you have ever been given?       

As a manager the more you give away the more you can do! Learn to delegate!        

In your opinion, what do most businesses get wrong? 

ASSUMPTIONS – checking the facts is a critical discipline that many companies fail to master.

What are you most proud of?        

My son!

What are your key skills?

Embedding strategic change | Project Management | Strategy | Leadership | Process Improvement | Quality Systems

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Innovation and Growth Specialist | Minority Shareholder Director
Cluster Manager, Sustainable Scale-Up Project
Lead Scale-up Director
Team Manager & Innovation and Growth Specialist

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