Vaughn Smith

Innovation & Growth Specialist

“I help Welsh SME’s achieve their full potential”

An exceptionally experienced qualified Management Professional with extensive expertise providing comprehensive insights into business drivers. With the ability to see the business as a whole entity and break it down to develop strategies and policies to lead the business forward, aligning with the strategic operational vision of the organisation, leading to consistently improved business performances.

Experienced in management, risk analysis, H&S, contract negotiation, operations management,  business development, commercial management, strategic business reviews, acquisition, technology transfer, P&L, budget control, organisational restructuring, risk management, business cases and proposals, contracts negotiation, bid management, process re-engineering, programme management.

What are the toughest challenges you’ve had at work?

The toughest challenges I faced at work are, encouraging clients to be the best they can be, while achieving goals, maintaining a sense of humour and helping them not losing sight their aspirations and dreams.

What helps you get your job done?      

Keeping disciplined, organised and a trying to keep good sense of humour at all times.

What trends will shape the industry over the next five years?  

Being Climate Resilient, HR – coping with employees and the potential loneliness of homeworking, Trend of the Cashless Society and the level of online fraud, Global Reskilling Race, due to immigration policies, political trends, AI etc, The Battery Revolution – This will play a major role in decarbonisation, organisations of all sizes should look at investing in battery/energy storage solutions.

If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?     

Title: Well, I Tried! – because I will always rise to the challenge and I hope I always meet that challenge head on and hopefully succeed, but that is for others to judge

What are your key skills?         

People skills, Networking, Business Relationships, Getting Things Done!

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Innovation and Growth Specialist | Minority Shareholder Director
Senior Innovation and Growth Specialist
Cluster Manager, Sustainable Scale-Up Project
Lead Scale-up Director

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