John Taylerson

Programme Manager – Sustainable Scale Up Cluster

“I’m the Cluster lead for Sustainable Scale Up Cluster as well as being an Investor Ready programme deliverer”     

John has worked at every step of the food supply chain being a graduate of agricultural college through to being formerly Marketing Director at MilkLink, The Milk Development Council and having run large and small food and drink businesses including starting his own business from scratch placing product on the shelves of premium retailers within 12 months. Qualified HACCP level III and Food safety. International experience, dairy, major-multiple retailers and food service experience including consultancy work for Minister of Agriculture, HMRC solicitors, public and private business clients.

What is your greatest professional achievement?        

Starting a food and drink business from scratch leading to it being listed in major-multiple retail within a year.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?      

The picture you have in your head might not be the same picture for the person you are in conversation with.    

What upcoming innovation will dramatically impact the industry in the next five years?          

Health tailored food and drink either to age, genetics, or occasion. Consumers will expect the same functionality from food as they get from tech, finance, transport etc.   

What would your last meal be?

Porridge for breakfast  

What are your key skills?         

Practical skills such as HACCP etc mixed with business skills such as marketing and finance

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Future Foods Cluster Manager & Nutri-Wales Lead
Programme Manager
Business Development Manager

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