Calling all small food and drink companies in Gwent, South Wales

We are on the look out for small and growing food and drink businesses in Gwent to take part in ‘Food 4 Pontypool’. This event will be held in Pontypool Market and will allow multiple local businesses to gather in one space to sell their products, trial new concepts and meet future customers and other […]

BIC Innovation team go the distance for the RNLI Mayday Mile

BIC Team walking the Mayday Mile

At BIC Innovation we are very proud of our colleague Tom Lomax, who is a volunteer crew member for the RNLI at Moelfre, who regularly answers mayday calls to go and rescue others. Often it’s just ordinary people, like you or I, enjoying a day out with family or friends when things suddenly turn serious […]

How to validate international leads in 5 steps

New leads and enquiries from overseas can be an exciting prospect. The opportunity to see your products in different markets and build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with partners abroad is an export manager’s dream. However, even if you’re not a seasoned exporter it can sometimes be challenging to separate the genuine leads from the scams. […]

Growth leads to Bridgend office move for BIC Innovation…

BIC Innovation One Court Road Bridgend

With our South Wales base having been located in the Sony Technology Park for the last 15 years, we have now moved into our very own office in the heart of Bridgend at One Court Road. The office move comes as a result of growth over the past few years, which has seen our workforce […]

Some things to consider before beginning your food export journey

Delivery Van

Thinking about expanding your horizon and delving into the world of export may leave you feeling a little lost. Although it can be a mammoth task, you don’t need years of experience or a dedicated export department to get started. Exporting can be a financially rewarding operation which will not only put your brand on […]

Getting the most out of your brainstorming sessions…

Generating ideas with sticky notes

Brainstorming for new ideas is a vital part of the ‘ideas’ process. Although in most cases,there is a very clear path forward in terms of a customer or market requirement for a newproduct, there could be ways of making this happen that you have not considered. If youare a very small company, you also run […]

How to kill your concepts…

Checklist for new concepts

Answering these questions will help pin-point your best ideas, focus your energy and use your resources on ideas with the best chance of success. Energy and excitement; the feelings after holding a buzzing brainstorming session with your team. You’re bursting with innovative ideas. You can’t wait to get going. But one problem, you have collected […]

How do I ensure innovation is managed strategically?

Product Launch Roadmap

From initial idea through to product launch, having clarity in your innovation strategy will move your business in the desired direction. An Olympic athlete doesn’t put winning down to pure luck. For a chance at success, they commit to a goal and use a structured approach to achieving their objective which is developed and implemented […]

Webinar: Consumer Acceptability of Seaweed-based Foods


The food we eat is a key part of how we can be more environmentally friendly. Seaweeds are a sustainable alternative to animal-based protein sources, but will consumers purchase and eat seaweed-based foods? The team at Swansea University’s Department of Psychology have worked with BIC Innovation to explore consumer beliefs about seaweed-based foods and […]

Strategic Planning Cheatsheet – 10 steps to get started.

Strategy is fundamental to successful businesses and cuts across all operational functions. The business strategy sets out the direction the business should go, its mission and goals; then, plans for how the business will work toward those goals and missions.  Your strategic plan should focus on mid to long-term goals, and set the future direction, […]