Natalie Rouse
Natalie Rouse

Natalie Rouse MRes, Bsc (hons) is a registered and accredited Nutritionist, Nutritional Consultant and Nutritional Research Scientist. A person who is enthusiastic and passionate about nutrition and nutritional applications. Natalie joined BIC Innovation in 2019 as a nutritionist and a markets and technologies researcher for the Future Foods programme.

Natalie qualified as a Nutritionist in 2008 but has worked in nutritional intervention, exercise prescription and personal training since 2003. Specialist interest in Nutrition led Natalie to study at the University of Worcester, gaining a first-class honours BSc degree in Human Nutrition, followed by a master’s degree in research (MRes) in performance nutrition. Career roles have included managing nutritional specification, research and articles covering food production, environmental and health associations and lecturing at universities and colleges. 

Natalie’s expertise is nutrient composition and formulation working as a research nutritionist for international brands such as Huel, Fuel10k and CNP professional. 

Natalie also has a very keen interest in nutritional biochemistry for optimal health, disease management and performance nutrition, with a wealth of experience working within multiple populations, ages and demographics including, The MS society, Diabetes UK, UK special forces, RAF, Worcester Valkyries rugby team and Paralympic GB athletes.

Natalie has published studies on supplementation, nutrition through pregnancy and lactation, caffeine response, the effects of Omega3 fatty acids and the microbiome. This has led to guest speaking in national seminars. Conducting public speaking on public health nutrition, functional medicine and exercise training methods. 

Working with such a diverse range of clients Natalie is a patient individual, yet equally very focused and determined and can therefore provide support and motivation to others. Confident and competent at public speaking and working with large groups of people, with a great enjoyment in sharing complex topics in an understandable, clear and coherent manner.