Business Strategy & Planning

Business Strategy & Planning - Strategy is fundamental to successful businesses and cuts across all operational functions.  We help our clients inject creativity into their strategic thinking, prioritise ideas and commercialise and turn those ideas into value for the business.


In addition to traditional business planning BIC Innovation will create a model of your business or business idea using the Business Model Canvas. Modelling a business describes how a business creates value, how it delivers value and how it captures value in order to deliver sustainable profitable growth. Modelling allows the business manager to adjust some basic assumptions about how the business is run, for example how it creates value and who it creates value for. Consequences of changing or developing a business model can be easily identified in terms of key resources required, or activities to be undertaken to deliver that value.

Just like aerospace engineers build models of aircraft, put them in wind tunnels to see if they fly and structural engineers build models of bridges to see if they stand. You can build a model of your business and determine how it will work. Who do you need to involve and what must they do ? How will you reach your customers ? and will they see value in what you are doing ? How does the cost and revenue model work – are there alternative ways to raise revenue from your business activity ?

Model part of your business, a new customer segment, a new market, a new product or service. Effective modelling will prevent you making costly mistakes.