Skills and Training

Skills & Training - We help our clients identify the types of skills they need to grow their business.  Our services include skills audits, gap analyses, workforce development plans, coaching and mentoring.


A skilled workforce with the commitment and motivation to deliver business improvement and growth is essential in any competitive marketplace. Working with your team we can identify the skills you need to run your business. What should you do in house and what can you sub contract / buy in ? What level of competency do you need and do you have individuals than need development ?

If training is identified as a requirement, who are the best trainers available, accredited training courses versus in house bespoke delivery ? We can support you in developing a skills and training strategy, action plan and introduce you to relevant, high quality training providers.


BIC Innovation can support you in developing your management team. We offer in house workshops tailored to your needs and one to one coaching on:

  • Effective leadership
  • Managing and developing your team
  • Putting into practice ‘performance management’
  • Creating an innovation team and culture
  • Modelling new business ideas
  • Strategic marketing