We work closely with clients to design and implement quality management systems which support their growth plans. Our team are experienced in a range of accredited standards, including ISO 9001, BRC, and SALSA.

We also advise on factory design and layout, Diagnostic Reviews, Lean and Good Manufacturing support and Process Innovation.

Improving performance in a cycle of continuous improvement with a starting point of objectively asking ourselves the question ‘how can we do this better?’.

A fresh pair of eyes with relevant industry experience brings a new perspective, challenging preconceptions, offering suggestions based on industry best practice and providing the time and resource to think through, research and develop implementation plans.

BIC Innovation have a team of experienced operational managers who can help you with:

  • Factory and plant layouts
  • Planning and scheduling work
  • Performance management – identifying the important numbers and implementing monitoring and improvement strategies
  • Quality management and accreditations
  • Team development and effective leadership