Marketing planning & communications

We work in partnership with you and as an extension of your team, offering a “virtual” marketing function. This is based on our deep and thorough understanding of your business strategy, which we translate into an effective and impactful marketing strategy.  Using our marketing planning tools and templates, we work with you to identify and articulate your value proposition, key audiences, and messages.  

Our services extend beyond marketing planning: we can also help with the practical implementation of your marketing strategy including market research, digital marketing, branding, event management, graphic design and copywriting, development of marketing literature, etc.  We are results oriented and monitor the effectiveness of the communications activities, providing you with feedback on the impact of your marketing strategies.  

We can work with you for an extended period, providing you with a cost effective and highly experienced marketing team.  Or we can help you with ad hoc marketing activities when you need an extra pair of hands for specific projects.  Either way, we can provide the skills and resources to help you achieve your marketing and business objectives.