Innovation and Research & Development

R&D and Innovation can be game changers for your business, it’s exciting and different from normal business and is always a “team” sport.

You may need skills and expertise that you don’t have in the business - so we can help.

We encourage companies with growth potential to develop R&D led market making innovative new products or services.

We engage with companies interested in improving their R&D ambitions, resources and capabilities.

This may be from a very low base of knowledge and appreciation of the way to undertake R&D and how to seize opportunities that might exist for strategic change through new products and processes.

By working regularly and closely with companies to help them to do things differently, we can change this situation.

This can be light touch or can mean working with a company on an in depth, extended basis for a period of time, to inform and establish an R&D strategy and a tactical plan for its implementation.

Whilst doing this the company would get a robust system to monitor progress, and identify resources and capabilities that may need to be improved to allow the company to fulfil its sustainable short medium and long term R&D strategy.

The support would also help them to make the necessary contacts and connections to drive their R&D ideas forward, maybe through their own efforts, but also by forming collaborative partnerships or strategic alliances