Business Growth Services

All business owners develop their skills through hard-learned lessons with each stage of their company’s development. In many businesses there is a period of ‘survival’, then of ‘growing pains’ and often the ‘successful’ stage arrives without being noticed.  Only with the benefit of hindsight does the owner manager realise that there were a number of ‘transition points’ in the company’s development.

Moving to a larger factory, a new piece of capital equipment or recruiting an experienced production manager could all be classed as marked points that added strength to the foundations. An integrated  management information system and the guidance of an external expert will also help you reach the next transition point.    

BIC Innovation’s Business Growth Services team of experienced management information specialists has provided that ‘transition point’ for numerous companies in a wide range of sectors helping them through to their next stage of development. 

We can help your management team focus on the next steps needed for your growth. They can review your management information systems and financial processes, establish operational controls and set up a range of key performance indicators to monitor your progress.