Valuable InSects "ValuSect"

ValuSect will improve sustainable insect-based products production and processing techniques and help knowledge transfer to agrifood businesses in North-West Europe.

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The consortium will enhance the innovation performance of enterprises by strengthening the transnational cooperation and exploitation of research on insects as resource for the development of new food products. Research will be done on the emission of greenhouse gasses, on the impact of the substrate, on food safety and on the shelf life of the food product.


The development of a sustainable transnational Accelerator program including all partners with expertise on insects, food production, innovation and commercialisation will be key to support and cooperate with enterprises.

In order to transfer the knowledge gained during the project, companies who are interested in developing their insect-based food activity can receive a voucher worth up to 40 000 EUR in services delivered by the project partners to develop products, conduct consumer taste panels, optimise breeding conditions and improve insect food processing.

BIC Innovation are a partner in this programme, working with the Welsh supply chain businesses interested in developing insects for animal or human consumption. For further information about the programme, email bwyd-food(at)

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