Innovate 2 Succeed

**We will be updating this section of our site to reflect that we are now delivering bespoke growth and scaling support for innovative businesses on behalf of Innovate UK EDGE. Formerly, we referred to ourselves as a delivery partner for Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). We remain a partner for EEN and our clients will continue to benefit from EEN’s resources such as access to international markets. Please visit to learn more about Innovate UK EDGE and its vision for specialist-led growth support tailored for innovative businesses.**


A fully funded programme to support ambitious businesses just like yours.

Innovate 2 Succeed recognises the critical role innovation can play in your company’s growth.

The programme is designed to help your company overcome barriers to growth and innovation in order to develop new products and services and bring them to market. It is delivered over four phases:

1. Analysis

Identifying your innovation challenges and opportunities

2. Action

Agreeing an action plan to unleash innovation and commercialise it

3. Delivery

Module-based support from research centres, universities, finance and funding providers, Innovate UK’s family of services and other national programmes

4. Review

Assessing results and planning next steps for sustainable commercialisation and growth

See how the Innovate 2 Succeed Programme helped a UK company to double their revenue in 2019 and employ 26 new staff: Fast-growing healthcare apps review firm moves into the Netherlands




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