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You may know that we work with individuals and organisations across the country. But, did you know that we lead the way in business support programmes, too? They’re our way of helping key sectors to find the prosperity they deserve.

To give you an idea of what we can do, we’ve listed current programmes - and programmes from recent years.

Because we believe in change, we believe in better. So, if you run a programme that helps people to work smarter, we’d love to hear from you. Collaboration makes us stronger - just like innovative thinking.


Current Programmes

Enterprise Europe Network Wales

Business Support on your Doorstep

Are you missing out on export opportunities?

If so BIC Innovation can assist. Through the Enterprise Europe Network programme we can support you by providing technology transfer and transnational support for SME’s within Wales.

Engaging with Europe can provide SME’s with access to a huge single market of 450 million consumers and enables them to trade freely across borders and to operate all over Europe. An opportunity to Increase Market Share, Exploit New Markets, Identify New Opportunities, Improve Products/Technologies and Gain a Competitive Advantage.

Our team of experienced advisors can provide support and assistance to begin the internationalisation process. We work closely with the our partners within the Wales consortium as well as a wider network of close to 600 partners and 3000 experts across Europe and beyond, to provide a One Stop Shop for Businesses within Wales.

For further information on this Programme, please contact Anna Pearce, T: 01248 671101 E:anna.pearce@bic-innovation.com                          

Or visit the Enterprise Europe Network Wales Website: http://www.enterpriseeuropewales.org.uk/wlx/


Past Programmes


The Welsh Government delivers specialist mentoring support to confectionery companies through its Trade Development Business Programme. If you run a dairy or confectionery business which is ambitious for growth, then this mentoring support programme could help you unlock your company’s growth potential and compete more effectively in your target markets. 

With commercial acumen and expert knowledge across a range of business skills such as strategic planning, HR, finance, marketing, branding, new product development and innovation, our mentors will be able to provide you with the support, guidance and advice needed to achieve growth. Our team of mentors also includes individuals who are experienced in working with major retailers and supermarkets to achieve listings for clients. 

With 50% funding available from the Welsh Government Trade Development Business Programme -Mentoring Programme, each participating company will receive a bespoke package of mentoring support, starting with an initial diagnostic to identify the tailored mentoring needed to maximise growth potential. 

 Who delivers the mentoring / diagnostic programme? 

A group of UK Food & Drink specialists brought together by the Welsh Government to grow Welsh food and drink businesses. 

 For more information 

If you are interested in finding out how this specialist mentoring programme can help your company grow and become more successful, email Richard.elmitt@bic-innovation.com or call 01248 671101 

Please click here to download the flyer for: Mentoring Programme - Dairy

Please click here to download the flyer for: Mentoring Programme - Confectionery


WRAP REMade Programme

Grants up to £10,000 for manufacturers to use more recycled materials

Using recycled content in products and packaging can unlock significant potential for innovation, growth and improved profitability.

The REMade project, which is managed by WRAP Cymru, will enable manufacturing SMEs in Wales to explore the potential and viability of replacing virgin materials with recycled materials.

How can we help your business?

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) can apply for up to £10,000 worth of support, which will be tailored to meet your needs. We can provide fully funded research, delivered by experienced manufacturing consultants, into the feasibility of replacing virgin materials with recycled materials. In addition, businesses based in Wales’ Convergence Region (North West Wales, West Wales and the South Wales Valleys) may also be eligible for additional grants of up to £50,000 to help with capital costs of buying new equipment to use recycled content.

What are the benefits of the REMade project?

  • Potential cost savings which may be achieved by replacing inputs with recyclate
  • Identify potential revenue sources available by contributing to feedstock in Wales
  • Mitigate the risks posed by shortages of input materials
  • Identify potential sources of capital to fund manufacturing process changes
  • Improved environmental performance and credentials

Who can apply?

The scheme is open to manufacturing SMEs in Wales working with plastics, paper, packaging, metal, wood, glass and composites. However other sectors may be considered. If you are keen to improve profitability through recycling and benefit from technical and innovation expertise contact us to find out more.

To find out more download the WRAP REMade Flyer or contact us on 01248 671 101


High Potential Starts Programme

Helping ambitious new starts with tailored support to grow and develop their business

Support:  The programme will give access to 100% funded specialist support to help you grow and develop your business over the next three years.

This will start with an initial assessment review with a specialist coach with experience of starting and growing a business to help assess the potential best development route for your business.

Following a recommendation to continue with the HPS programme, you will have access to up to 12 days of specialist support tailored to your business needs. Pre-start ups are eligible for an additional 8 days support to help get you ready for launch. This could include:

  • Market Research & Development Activity
  • Marketing Advice
  • Product/Process Development Support
  • Brokering/Finance Readiness/Strategic Alliances
  • Commercial Development and Business Modelling
  • IP Reviews and IP Strategy Development
  • Business Planning

Criteria: Those interested in the programme need to fit the follow criteria:

  • Clients must be at the pre-trading stage or are young businesses that have been trading for less than three years
  • Product or service must have export potential; client must be proactively seeking to trade in national (UK) and international markets.
  •  A minimum of 30% of sales generated within the 1st year of trading should be from the UK and or international sales
  • Target cumulative sales for the first three years of trading must exceed 750k
  •  Min 20% year on year turnover growth for 3 years
  • Looking to create jobs in Wales

Duration: January 2012 - December 2013

For further information, see the  High Potential Starts Programme Flyer - Think BIG

or contact Huw Watkins on T: 01248 671101 E: huw.watkins@bic-innovation.com


WRAP Cymru

Hospitality, Tourism, Food & Drink

Did you know that every tonne of food waste produced costs a business around £1,800? Collectively the Welsh hospitality and food service sectors could save up to £5 million a year simply through better resource planning, reducing the amount of waste they produce and recycling more.

Resource efficiency experts WRAP Cymru have developed a comprehensive package of support specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses (SMEs) working in the Hospitality, Tourism, Food and Drink service and manufacturing sectors. Industry experts will work with your business to identify opportunities for efficient work practices and to formulate a strategy for improvement.

What does this mean?

Up to £10,000 consultancy support to help you determine the best solutions for your business:

  • Up to £50,000 towards the capital cost of developing and maintaining sustainable waste management solutions
  • Becoming a signatory to the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement providing exclusive access to online resources and on-going support
  • Accessing real examples of waste reduction, management and recycling best practice from over 100 UK companies

Who can apply?

To apply for support, SMEs or clusters of SMEs:

  • Should be based anywhere in Wales
  • Must operate within the Hospitality, Tourism, Food Service or Food and Drink manufacturing sectors

For further information, see Hospitality, Tourism, Food & Drink - Consultancy Support & Grants available  or Contact David Carson on T: 01656 861 536, E: david.carson@bic-innovation.com

Workforce Development Programme

Better skills, better performance

If you need a better-skilled workforce, we know just the person to help. With a Human Resource Development adviser, our knowledge becomes yours. Funded by the Welsh Assembly Government, it’s a programme that delivers expertise when you need it most.

It’s like a new member of the team, who works with you to spot areas of improvement, create plans, and help you learn new things. Not just in person, but with outside courses, grants, up to 50% of your training costs, apprenticeships, and more.

Whether you’re public or private sector, sometimes everybody needs a go-to guy. Ours can help you achieve Investors in People, work based NVQs, REACT funding.

For further information, contact Sally Fenton on T: 01656 861536 or E: sally.fenton@bic-innovation.com


Next Generation Broadband Cornwall Programme

Connecting to success

BIC Innovation manages the strategic marketing consultancy for Europe’s largest regional superfast broadband project, worth £132m. Working for the Cornwall Development Company and BT, our role is to create demand and to inspire Cornish businesses to harness superfast broadband, delivering up to 100MB - not just for their own competitive advantage. but the economy as a whole, too.


Business Innovation-Design

Good design is good business

BIC Innovation manages Design support within the £35m Business Innovation Programme for the Welsh Assembly Government, delivered all Wales in partnership with Contact Innovation and Design Reality.

Good design is hard to define, but we all know it when we see it. The colour schemes, materials textures, shapes and themes - whether ergonomic, psychological, purely practical, or led by the latest fashion trends - all determine the success or failure of a product in the market. The better your design, the clearer the message your business conveys to your target market.

Our multidisciplinary team of experienced and qualified design advisers from the private sector will work closely alongside Innovation Managers and Manufacturing Managers to ensure that design is considered at all stages in your NPD process.



Adding value through collaboration

BIC are vital delivery partners in the Cywain project. The main aim of Cywain is to help the agriculture sector to add value to primary produce.

This is achieved by developing new products or markets, with the emphasis on collaboration. The assistance available involves diverse support including facilitation, expert advice, and a quality mentoring service with a strong emphasis on adding value. The aim is to build the capacity and confidence of the participants, enable them to take ownership of the new venture, and encourage them to make the most of its potential. The service is available to both individuals and groups.

The project will operate throughout Wales, and is funded through the Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme (one of the Rural Development Plan for Wales schemes).


Early Stage Development Fund

Turning research into commercial reality

BIC Innovation help Further Education Institutions and Higher Education Institutions to identify potential commercial opportunities, helping them scope out and envision those opportunities using BIC’s I.C.E process (Innovation Commercialisation Exploitation).


Gwynedd Rural Development Plan - Innovate

Funding bright ideas

The Gwynedd Rural Development Plan aimed to help young people, community groups, farming families and the underemployed launch new businesses.

The main aim of the scheme was to develop an enterprising culture within farming families and rural businesses, by providing assistance for the research and pre-commercialisation development of new products and services.

The support included:

  • Support to stimulate and develop ideas

  • Market research

  • Funding to commission the management of technical development and detailed business planning.

This programme concentrated on developing products, services, and innovative processes within the areas of agriculture, diversification from agriculture, and the environment.

Professional support was available to develop ideas with a bottom-up, collaborative approach, and transform them into commercial ventures.


Manufacturing Advisory Service

Leading Industry Advice

BIC delivered MAS Wales between 2005 - 2008, working with over 600 manufacturers. We currently support individual MAS projects in the South West, London and the East Midlands.



New crops, new ventures, new value

Menterra was an innovative £2.6m, three-year long programme to develop new crops and plants, as well as traditional and indigenous ones. Aimed at farmers, the project aimed to lay the foundations for the development of processing facilities in order that Gwynedd’s economy could benefit from developments on farms within the county. BIC managed the marketing and market research of the new products as well as the commercialisation of the new produce.


Innovation Partnership (InPART)

Opportunities through networking

InPART provided unique networking. It brought together key players from the public sector, education and training, R&D, economic development, enterprise and business support. Their mission? Ensure no opportunity is missed.

For six years, the scheme pioneered networking, discussion, information dissemination, and briefings on vital topics. It provided more than market information, and knowledge of opportunities - it helped businesses look over the horizon, and be stronger for it.



Opportunities for Further Education

This commercialisation programme was aimed at the Further Education sector in Wales. Based on the BIC I.C.E process, key elements of it included developing an innovation culture, having the right structures, and developing a means to identify processes and IP.



Working for a healthier outlook

BIC undertook service improvement projects for the NHS in Wales, from orthopaedics and ophthalmology to substance misuse and occupational therapy.