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Key Sector Expertise

Innovation, change and the development of new products and services applies to all sectors, to all business and organisations large and small, and usually all of the time.


Our senior team are immersed in delivering innovation across a diverse range of sectors, markets and technologies, working at the cutting edge of business, building an enviable track record. It’s a proud record that has demanded flexibility, sensitivity, and a knack for getting to the heart of things, for applying ideas of technologies from one market to another to get amazing results.


In August 2010 we all sat down and mapped out for the first time the number and range of projects and activities we had undertaken in key sectors over the previous 3 years. It came to 659 projects, which is only a snapshot and does not include the lifetime of international experience in key sectors that our team brings to clients. We were genuinely surprised ourselves!


So hear it is, a brief overview of our knowledge and experience in key sectors, that we’d be delighted to explore in more detail with you. We challenge you to find an area we have not undertaken substantial work in!