Blog: #EuropeanDayofLanguages - Why is Welsh important to us?

Why is the Welsh language important to us?

BIC’s roots run deep in Wales. It was founded by 3 Welsh speaking directors and has always been proud that it could deliver its services bilingually.

As Welsh has an equal status to English in Wales and some clients prefer to deal in Welsh, having a proportion of the team able to communicate in a client’s language of choice offers an added benefit. The counties with the highest percentage of Welsh speakers are rural counties where agriculture and the food industry are important. To engage fully with these sectors and other partners, it is important that BIC Innovation is able to provide a service in the language of choice.

Not only are we able to deliver a fully bi-lingual service, ensuring that activities conform to the Welsh language standards, but we ourselves are committed to the Welsh Language and clearly understand the principle of treating the Welsh and English languages on a basis of equality.


Our commitment to the Welsh language includes:

BIC Innovation has a Welsh Language policy which recognises the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 which gives the Welsh Language official status in Wales

Welsh is the first language and language of choice for many of our team in our North and South Wales offices

All staff members, including learners, are encouraged to develop their bilingual language skills

BIC Innovation offers financial support to employees who want to improve their Welsh language skills

Welsh is equal to English in newsletters, emails, project materials, including promotional materials

BIC Innovation endeavours to answer incoming telephones using the Welsh language as our initial greeting where possible

We adhere to regulations for use of simultaneous translation at events=

Projects can be delivered to clients in their language of choice


Here is what some of our Welsh speaking employees had to say:

Anna Pearce

‘With limited opportunities to speak Welsh in my day to day life, I value being able to communicate with colleagues using our native language during the working day and enjoy that the use of the Welsh language is actively supported and encouraged within the company. I believe having the ability to deliver projects bilingually is invaluable and is very much appreciated by our Welsh speaking clients.’


Angharad Evans

Angharad Evans

‘The Welsh language is important to BIC as it means we can have better relationships with our Welsh clients, and even attract new ones. Offering our services bi-lingually also means that we can reach a wider audience.’


Tom Lomax

Tom Lomax 

‘The Welsh language is important for BIC and in the workplace to stimulate new relationships, develop communication skills and as a USP against competitors.’


With 890,000 of the population in Wales claiming to speak some Welsh, and the demand for Welsh language education rocketing, there has never been a better time to learn Welsh. Go for it!


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Happy European Day of Languages