Blog: #BeerDayBritain – Insights and Opportunities for a growing market.

Did you know today is Beer Day Britain? And do you know why it is celebrated on June 15th?

Well that is because it's also the date Magna Carta was sealed in 1215 with Article 35 of the great charter stating:

Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely the London quarter.

Ale was so important in England in 1215 that it was mentioned in one of the most significant legal documents in history. Today beer and pubs are still central to British life, and with the Craft Beer sector continuing to grow there are now over 1700 breweries across the UK.  

BIC’s Drinks Export Manager, Anthony Mills* provides some of his insights in to succeeding in the growing UK beer market:


Know who you are…

Brewers that are doing well know what their brand story is (and is not)

All great liquor brands and beer brands are true to what their story is, either a traditional ale or a new age garage craft beer brand – you can’t be both!


Stand out from the crowd…

With new brewers popping up all over the UK, cutting through all the other craft beers in the UK and globally can be a challenge – meaning brewers are needing to be bold and having stand out! From websites and packaging to beer varieties, it all has a part to play!


Don’t just tell your story, shout about it!

A story is critical but it’s not all about provenance, e.g. Tiny Rebel focus on their BRAND and the bear and being different and distinctive. 

Internationally, your positioning will need to stand out, so don’t just rely on being a UK Beer brand. Find your unique story, and shout about it at every opportunity.


Don’t run before you can walk…

Being strong locally is key to providing brand strength, learnings, economies and a platform to expand internationally.

Export wise, find the low hanging fruit markets where imported beer is growing and UK products have a strong image; for example, Ireland, Nordics markets, Japan, some Asian markets and Australia.


The future is bright…

I think the beer industry will be in a good place over the next few years, with ideally groups of 20-30 really strong brands working together in building a great image for UK beer

The offering should be both on tradition and the great history and natural land, combined with innovation and branding of beer brands


*Anthony is an experienced marketing and commercial business manager specialising in Beer, Wine and Cider with roles across Europe, New Zealand and Australia. He now supports businesses to achieve international growth through market insights, commercial judgment and relationship development. What does he enjoy most about his role? Seeing his clients become successful, experiencing new market entries and wins! The buzz comes from seeing new market penetration and growth.


Help us celebrate…

Will you join us, and the nation by raising a glass of beer and saying ‘Cheers to Beer’ at 7pm? Don’t forget to post a message or photo on social media with the hashtag #CheersToBeer #NationalBeerDay